Well , I’m here. 
To be honest , I’m Having major mixed emotions about this post and Looking at a fresh month ahead. 
April was one of the hardest and most trying months I think... ever. .

Hence why I’ve been so quiet. 
Part of me feels super bad for being mia but
I think sharing on stories day to day was honestly just easier and less overwhelming than coming on here to actually post something “official”.. if that makes sense. 
I’ll be doing a life update video on my channel ASAP. I haven’t uploaded in a little bit on there since being sick. 
From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for all the love and all the support. You guys are seriously the best. .

If I can share ANY light , any guidance or inspiration coming out of this is that .

Life is far too short ...
Time can go by so fast ...
There’s no rewind ... No replay...
Enjoy and Live for every single moment.