Full Glam Makeup Tutorial

It's not too often I do a FULL glam makeup tutorial, but when I go all out, I really do it!! If you wanna see how it all happened, watch the video and/or keep reading...


Do you ever lay eyes on an AMAZING makeup find, like a certain eyeshadow color or lipstick...

And immediately, an entire look and outfit appear in your brain, just waiting to be brought to life??

Well, I was inspired that way recently by Huda Beauty's eyeshadow palette, "Gemstone Obsessions." As you can imagine, these glistening, vibrant colors caught my "eye."

I knew right away that THIS was the makeup look I needed to make a full glam makeup tutorial.

And I also knew that this eyeshadow palette had the perfect colors for a dress I had just bought...The dress is a formal maxi dress -- or in that sense you could call it a gown ;)

It's a periwinkle blue color and what really made me want to buy the dress was thinking about wearing it to a beachside party or something! No luck with that yet, but maybe in 2019, right?

So I just went out to the harbor by our house, and we actually shot some fun footage, as you know if you watched the video!

To make me feel even more like a mermaid..

The dress is sequin-fringed and also a 2-piece. If you saw the video and LOVED the dress, there are lots more like it on the Sisters the Label website. Use discount code ANGIE for $50AUD off any item!!

But, what's a mermaid without her makeup? Ignoring the fact that no makeup is waterproof enough to withstand living in the ocean (sorry Ariel), you can still make sure your FOUNDATION stays on all day, instead of sitting on top of your skin...

By watching the next part of my full glam makeup tutorial!

Or if you don't have time to watch the video right now, then I'll just give you the rundown of how I make my face flawless and seamless! (Well, nobody's face is ever "flawless," except for maybe a real mermaid's ;) )

First, I apply a hydrating, refining cream by Dr. Brandt. Makeup is great, but you gotta protect your skin!

Then I have a Kona eye primer stick, also called a "de-puff" stick, by First Aid Beauty. This is to protect my eyelids from all the glam that's about to go on -- but this primer stick also helps keep your under-eyes from getting puffy, which is especially helpful to anyone with allergies!!

I also used the BLUR STICK by Milk on the apples of my cheeks to see if it would blend out pores. I liked it okay so far, but I know it has really mixed reviews, and I think I'd have to use it longer to have a real opinion on it!

Now that my skin is ready for some foundation and concealer, let me just tell you that I've been testing out which is the best for months now.

And I finally have a favorite foundation and concealer that I want to share!!

beautyblender Liquid Foundation (but instead of a beauty blender, I use an oval brush, because it's so much easier and smoother to apply with!!)

Huda Beauty Overachiever's Concealer

I have one last tip to share with you guys, for this full glam makeup tutorial...I do my eyes FIRST!!

I don't really know why more people don't do their eyes first and THEN the foundation.

Because if you do the eyes first, then you can brush away any fallout from your eyeshadow, with your foundation, at the end!!

I'm curious, so leave a comment: what "order" do you do your makeup in?

I hope you I liked this look, because I really enjoyed creating it, and was happy to finally have the perfect makeup to go with my dress. Sometimes inspiration just takes over! ;)

Angie Bellemare