My Closet Tour and How to ORGANIZE

You guys wanted it, so here it is...another closet tour video! This time I focused more on how I ORGANIZE and specific tips that should help you if your closet is a total tornado.


And YES, I understand how easy it is for your closet to turn into an absolute wreck...

My top hack is and always will be:

Having the right closet ORGANIZERS...drawers, shelves, racks (instead of wrecks ;) )!

The organizer kits I bought from IKEA and Amazon make it easy to keep a clean closet system, IF you're motivated.

But that's not the only thing I do. I also make sure to donate the stuff I don't want anymore...although for me it's hard to part with things just in case I'll be able to find some use for them, so because of that I'm super savvy about finding a place for everything, and finding ways to FIT it all!!

If my closet is getting messy, my first step is to just throw everything that's part of the mess into one big pile in the middle of the floor. That's how my parents always did a DEEP clean.

Of course, then you have to commit and not just leave the that's where my other organizational tips come in. ;)

First, sort the pile out into smaller piles:

- what you're throwing away

- what you're donating (to charity or to friends and family!)

- anything dirty that needs to go in the laundry

- of course, sort the clean stuff by clothing category!

I've noticed (not that I look in people's drawers and closets...) that people have trouble organizing clothes and accessories in drawers.

It usually ends up in a tangled up, stuffed MESS that barely fits in the drawer!! So if your clothing drawer looks more like a trash can than nicely folded, here's my tip for that:

First off, how to organize the dreaded SOCK DRAWER!

Whether you ball your socks up or fold them over, it can be easy to let the sock drawer become a mess, just because you got so many little tiny items (so easy to lose socks too!).

So my solution that I absolutely LOVE is: a honeycomb organizer! I found mine on Amazon.

This is exactly what it sounds like! You can put each pair of socks in the little honeycomb "cells," and so you never have to worry about stacking up towers of socks that fall over. I feel like I'm less likely to lose them too! If you check out my closet tour video, you'll see how many different pairs of colorful socks I have. They're by Stance if you're interested. They have so many fun cartoon ones, and I'm in love!!

But, is there any way to organize stuff without honeycomb organizers, or other drawer dividers?

If buying closet/storage organizers isn't your thing and you can't see yourself doing it, I have a special method for folding clothes in your drawers so you can see them...Basically, you fold items like shorts or leggings in half/fourths like you normally would...and then put them SIDEWAYS in the drawer!

Yep, instead of stacking clothes on top of each other, I organize my drawers in a way that makes it easier to see all the items at once: putting them in side-by-side instead of stacked.

You can get a better idea of how it all looks by watching my closet tour video for yourself! ;)

For me, having an organized closet is just so important, and makes me feel a lot better too. after reading the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I realized how important de-cluttering is...for just about every aspect of your life!

Maybe your closet and drawers don't seem like the most important things ever...UNTIL you can't find something you need. ;)

Especially with how colorful an organized closet looks in the end!

It's fun to look at, and you guys seem to think so too, based on the reaction I got to my last closet tour video!!

Angie Bellemare