How to Organize Your Bathroom

What's the MOST important room in your house to have squeaky-clean and clutter-free? I'd argue it's the bathroom, so today I wanna talk about how to organize your bathroom!

So you might remember my video HERE where I talked about closet organization! A clean closet can make you feel kind of like the cobwebs have been cleared out of your brain and your life, too!

The next room to check off on my organizational to-do list is the BATHROOM

I really wanted to make a video on this because, if anything, it's the most important room in your home to have organized and especially CLEAN...But some people keep it as the messiest room of all, until it's in a biohazard state...I mean, I've seen some pretty gross bathrooms in friends' houses in the past. (No offense, guys!)

BUT, from grime on the vanity to undetected mold in the shower, a dirty bathroom is DANGEROUS. You can easily get stomach viruses (even norovirus) that can be lurking on unclean toilet seats... to staph fungi like the kind that causes athlete's foot...the bathroom is, of course, the most germ-prone place in the home!!


Now, I say that not to make you afraid to ever enter your own bathroom again (or maybe you're obsessed with cleaning it all the time anyway...great!), but because my main point is about how a DISORGANIZED bathroom leads to an UNHYGIENIC one!

So today I want to tell you how to organize your bathroom to make sure it also stays sanitary. ;)

First of all, just like I said in my other article, I use Marie Kondo's organizing / de-cluttering method.

What Marie does on her Netflix show is, she picks up each item and asks, "Does this spark joy?" And if it doesn't, she throws the item out!! Obviously this doesn't work QUITE as well with the bathroom, because your toothbrush and deodorant probably aren't going to "spark joy"...but the concept still applies.

(And, you should definitely invest in a great toothbrush like the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. Because as long as we're talking about bacteria, a high-quality electric toothbrush is the only way to get all of it off your teeth!!)

You wanna know what I mean when I say you should throw away bathroom items that don't spark joy??

Well, items like your towels and your facial cleanser and your shampoo SHOULD be giving you joy, in the sense that you LIKE THEM and they work.

Now, to some of you this may sound a little wasteful, but to me, if I tried a toiletry/beauty product and I HATED IT, then I'd rather just throw it away. You know why?

Because, be honest...if that dry shampoo doesn't work for you, or that lipstick shade never stays on and gets all over your lips...and you don't like the color...

It's just going to sit there staring at you for a year and you're NOT going to use it anyway!

So why not just throw it out now??

The other thing you should throw away? Dangerous products in your bathroom!!

Like I said, it's so easy to end up collecting a bunch of half-used and unused items that clutter up your bathroom. For me and Andre it was deodorant! We had a bunch of partially used cans and sticks of deodorant, but THEN we switched to natural deodorant, and stopped using the bad stuff.

And by bad stuff, I mean because most deodorant contains carcinogens like aluminum, and also chemicals that mess with your hormones!



Basically, what I'm saying here is, instead of letting your bathroom turn into a haven for bacteria...or a storage unit for half-used poor forgotten products...

Keep it organized, minimal, and only filled with products you'll actually use!

Don't worry, it's not hard to RECYCLE the rest. :)

Is your bathroom kind of a mess or do you keep it squeaky-clean all the time? And are your surfaces and drawers filled with toiletries you'll never use, but don't want to throw away?? Lemme know in the comments!

Angie Bellemare